Springboard Capital Corporation ("SBC") - An Investment Banking Affiliate -, SpringboardNewsAboutEditor.htm is an integrated financial services company offering a comprehensive approach to fulfilling its client's financial needs. Structured as a holding company SBC currently contains five wholly owned subsidiary companies including an SEC registered investment advisor, an NASD registered, broker dealer, a group of venture capital funds, a diversified real estate investment company, and a full service mortgage company, which offers mortgages at discounted rates and fees.

TVA Capital - TVA Capital, LLC of Irvine, CA - is an innovative investment banking group that was founded for the purpose of facilitating the flow of national capital into promising US-based companies. TVA Capital and its affiliate, The Technology Venture Alliance, assist companies seeking capital - providing a one stop shop for assessing and fine tuning clients' value proposition and, when ready for presentation to professional investors, represent those clients in executing the most appropriate transaction. TVA is a registered NASD Broker Dealer.

Martello Capital Group - A CAT strategic partner, specializes in representing Healthcare IT companies in the US as well as internationally, in relation to their technology, growth and capitalization strategies, strategic partnerships and investment.

Pan Pacific Partners (PPP)
- A CAT strategic partner, is a Silicon Valley-based Strategic Investment Banker and a trading, financing and strategic relationships specialist, specializing in assisting companies and other business entities to establish relationships and market services and products throughout the world, and, desires to establish business relationships in the United States and in foreign countries which, by way of example, include but are not limited to the development of strategic relationships, joint ventures, and financial services with other business entities throughout the world.