Alpine Pictures

Alpine Pictures yodels the virtues of low-budget films such as "Dead Homiez, Paper Dragon," and "Promise Her Anything." The company concentrates on the domestic and international distribution of low-budget motion pictures, distributing films to theatrical, cable, broadcast, and home video (DVD) markets. Recent projects include Dark Honeymoon (staring Daryl Hannah) and Love is the Drug (screenplay by Wesley Strick, who's past works include Arachnaphobia and Cape Fear). Brothers Ryan (CEO) and Roland Carroll (president) co-founded Alpine in 1995, after the completion of their first feature film, Witchboard, which grossed some $30 million.

BartercardUSA, Inc.

BartercardUSA, Inc. the American sales, marketing and franchise division of Bartercard International, headquartered in Australia. BartercardUSA, Inc., a national trade exchange, is a Southern California-based company with20 branches strategically placed throughout the U.S.BUSA, one of the most aggressive barter operations in the country, has amassed over 4,000 business members since its Y2K launch. BartercardInternational today represents more than 50,000 member-businesses in 15 countries. The Bartercard Trading Program began in Australia in 1991 at the height of that country's worst recession, and in ten years has seen an unsurpassed level of member growth and trade activity globally - recorded trade volume in the year 2001 of over $1 Billion has pushed Bartercard's total trade turnover to an astonishing $3 Billion worldwide.


Earnware gives businesses a competitive advantage with Internet-based technologies, that are uniquely hubbed around its cutting edge 'Automatic Marketing tools' - leading its clients into the 21st century with expert Internet-based marketing technology and services. Earnware's patented 'unified messaging system features email, fax, and voice management that is especially tailored to today's volume marketing demands.


EcoAid a nonprofit foundation, seeking to raise public awareness of environmental and humanitarian concerns through the production of an ongoing series of music concerts, festivals and events. EcoAid events have a tone of celebration and purpose. These events represent an entertaining forum that brings the public and nonprofit organizations together. It provides an opportunity for the nonprofit organizations (NGOs) to educate the public, sign new members and network with other NGOs. EcoAid events also represent a platform to present scientifically based options to the public.


The eSAT Objective: eSAT, Inc is becoming the world's leading provider of single-source solutions for global connectivity. We maintain our leadership in long haul and last mile solutions through superior technologies that support our service offerings. eSAT and its family of partner companies provide complete satellite and wireless Internet and networking connectivity solutions for our customers. eSAT develops and maintains high-level business opportunities with strategic partners. eSAT, Inc is a high-speed satellite Internet Service Provider and developer of Internet access equipment and services for worldwide delivery and connectivity. Our core technology allows users to gain high-speed access to the Internet via satellite transmission. Best of all, eSAT makes satellite Internet affordable. eSAT Global Satellite Internet (GSIT) technology makes Internet connectivity available virtually anywhere. eSAT's Internet access is capable of transmitting digital data up to twenty times faster than a standard dial-up modem and four times faster than an ISDN cable line. With NexstreamT bi-directional satellite delivery, eSAT can offer connectivity where no landlines exist at all.

Eye of the Whale/ Full Circle Music

Eye of the Whale created a high definition musical video environment where the audience experiences Paul Gilman's playful interaction with whales and dolphins and the sensation of swimming within the pods. The Millennium Broadcast with its message of hope is the perfect medium to deliver a message of love for the Ocean and its inhabitants. Paul delivered a powerful message through the Clean Water Campaign, resulting in forty tons of garbage removed from our beached. The song he wrote that inspired so many to action as it will through the Millennium Broadcast is Children of the Sea. Paul Gilman's background, experience, affiliations & awards are BMI, NARAN, AFTRA, AFM, Clio, Emmy, Telly International Radio and Television, Hollywood Radio and Television, Rodey, and Best in the West. Paul Gilman studied with Dr. Abbot of the Boston Conservatory of Music before performing on National TV for ABC with Aretha Franklin. Paul hosted the Dali Lama's Gyuto Monks and was permitted to record their ancient ceremonial chant. In a new expression of their ancient wisdom and his modern music, Paul composed and performed, "Word of Truth".


FedNET was formed to provide new and emerging industries with audio and video programming and data services focusing on government issues of national, state and local interests. Base programming includes live coverage of the floor of the United States Senate and House of Representatives along with gavel to gavel coverage of key Congressional Hearings. FedNET provides access to numerous facets of the U.S. Government including broadcast coverage of Congress, Federal Agencies and the White House as well as fast breaking news events in our Nation's Capital. FedNET provides extensive congressional coverage including the following: Proceedings from the Floors of the U. S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives; Full, Gavel to Gavel Coverage of Congressional Hearings; News Conferences from the Gallery and Grounds of the Capitol; Joint Sessions of Congress. Media Production in addition to FedNET's broadcast coverage of the United States Congress, we provide a host of media production services.

Fresh Creations, Ltd. / Fresh TV, Bermuda

Fresh Creations Ltd. was founded in 1993 to produce television programming, corporate videos, commercials, and live video recordings for the Bermuda market. In 1997 Fresh Creations struck a deal with Guinness International to underwrite the production and marketing of a half-hour reggae music series to be seen in Bermuda and the Caribbean. The Guinness-branded series, GTV, featuring music videos and concert highlights of top reggae artists struck a chord with international audiences as well. Shortly after its premier season Fresh Creations signed two distribution agreements with UK's Channel 4 and South Africa's e-TV to air the programmes in their respective territories. Notwithstanding the company's success at television production, it continues to command a high profile in non-broadcast productions and commercial work for Bermuda-based and overseas advertising agencies. Working in conjunction with the client, Fresh Creations is involved from concept development to final delivery of the completed project. Each of these production revenue streams (Broadcast and Non-Broadcast) account for about fifty percent of company revenues. Like many production companies, Fresh Creations owns and operates its own equipment, controlling both the quality of output and the costs associated with production. In the Bermuda market, where extensive facilities common to larger centres like Los Angeles, New York, or Toronto are more limited, Fresh Creations has a commitment to maintain and upgrade its facilities to keep ahead of local competitors and stay up-to-date with ever changing technology.BERMUDA'S third broadcasting company will finally hit the airwaves on May 23, 2003. The launch comes almost a year after the Ministry of Telecommunications granted FRESH TV use of Channel Three free of charge for a one-year trial period.

Innovative Brands International Media Group, LLC

IBI is a media marketing and creative services group that has developed numerous proprietary media programs. As an international media, marketing and creative brand services organization, Innovative Brands International designs and develops innovative media strategies and operates proprietary media campaigns and creates unique vertical market growth opportunities and global media campaign exposures that benefit it's clients and sponsor organizations by offering offsets to advertising costs while broadening the reach and effectiveness of the entire campaign.

Internet Network Storage Company

INSC, an Internet, network, storage company is an innovative technology company designs and delivers, near line, off line and online storage in CDR, DVDR, DA tape technology. INSC using automation and smart software gives the user a piece of mind by easing them into the technology. INSC is also involved in the design and development of high capacity, Smart Raid, WideBand smart switch technology to better deliver voice, data and graphics over a local and wide area network. Most of INSC's core technology is designed around simplicity and ease of use. We take pride in developing products that increase productivity, by saving time and money. INSC also manufactures the CDCopier StandAlone. You literally push two buttons and you're off, making copies in 8 minutes or less! If you can turn on your PC then you're qualified to use a CDCopier Line of StandAlone duplicator. Whether you're into music, video, multimedia, software development, electronic publishing, archiving, imaging, or the distribution of vital data. On CD and now on DVD One of important features of the CDCopier is LAN ready using Ethernet 10/100, Microsoft networking or TCP/IP. By connecting the CDCopier to the LAN all users can access the CDCopier to make copies directly from the desktop. The CDCopiers are designed for upgrade ability and migration path to DVD and beyond. You can request a 7-day trail to see if the technology is effective for you business.

Institute of Ecolonomics-

The Institute of Ecolonomics is a nonprofit organization working to create a sustainable environment in a sustainable economy believing firmly that both are essential to human welfare and that if the effort to achieve either fails, the human race will suffer greatly. The Institute was formed in 1993 by actor and community activist Dennis Weaver out of his deep conviction that the times call for new thinking and new approaches in bringing to the public forum the vital interest of both the ecology and the economics of America and the planet. Mr. Weaver coined the word Ecolonomics as a visual and verbal representation of an idea: that our ecology and economy are interdependent, two sides of the same coin; and that proponents of each can forge partnerships which foster the interest of both - thus, ecology and economics. The Institute of Ecolonomics is bridging the two to create a new discipline. The Institute envisions ending the division between environmentalists and industrialists by promoting those principles of ecological sustainability which enhance corporate profitability and a strong economy while honoring and preserving the environment.

Scrip Advantage

Scrip Advantage, Inc., an Application Service Provider (ASP), for non profit organizations offers the most comprehensive on-line and off-line communication and fundraising solutions available. The are over 3,000,000 non profit organizations, the 3rd largest industry in the country, representing $380 billion dollars a year in expenditures. AdditionallyScrip Advantage, intends to aggregate the monthly consumptive spending of the non profit supporters through their on-line shopping mall and off-line shopping using "scrip" gift certificates.88% of Americans are affiliate with a religious organization and 22% are associated with a school system. Using cause related marketing as the primary marketing strategyScrip Advantage has influence and access of close to a trillion dollars in annual consumer spending.

Liberty Bloom

Liberty Bloom will give micro-businesses, the largest workforce on the planet, FREE entry-level e-commerce tools combined with the viral-e-mail marketing technologies needed to attract eyeballs, customers and revenues. Today, with the approach of a pervasive Internet, broadband and a mobile phone economy, Liberty Bloom is ready to introduce the embodiment of its vision: A single, extremely efficient, comprehensive "virtual" community fulfillment package. This technology can be used by the tens of millions of micro-businesses and micro-entertainment entities to "capture, keep and monetize" a niche-base narrowcast audience -- at no initial cost to the micropreneur. One of Liberty's founders is Sir Bob Geldof, producer of the Live Aid Benefit and the popular Tv show, Survivor. Liberty has also entered into a strategic partnership with CAT to provide viral-marketing components to CAT's 'WEBNU' women business barter system.


The next-generation community marketplace ( Users create a list of goods and services they wish to sell and a list of goods and services they want, then, Matchbin does the rest. With unlimited wants listings, low-cost listing packages for selling items, and no transaction fees, Matchbin is quickly becoming the number one choice for buyers and sellers with larger, hard-to-find items such as real estate, boats, furniture and appliances. The key to Matchbin is its ActiveMatch matching engine that brings back local and global matching and search results. This local focus gives buyers the ability to literally see or try out the product before making the purchase, eliminating shipping costs and reducing fraud. Matchbin is also the first to combine the power of social networking with e-commerce. Each registered Matchbin user receives a Matchbin 'Buddybin'. Buddybin is a free personal online gathering place where friends and family can come together to correspond, share photos or buy, sell and trade with one another.

Smart SMS Corp.

SMS Corp. (Other OTC:SRSM.PK - News) ( is an Internet entertainment company that specializes in mobile marketing campaigns for new TV shows, celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and brands, as well as fundraising programs. Smart SMS Corp. operates the SmartSMS(TM) brand for campaign management in North, Central, and South America. The SmartSMS(TM) platform has been used successfully to launch about 500 campaigns worldwide. In the U.S. and Canada, Smart SMS Corp. uses the distribution infrastructure of GoldPocket Wireless for text-message and multi-media message campaigns, and distributes through NetPeople's networks in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Smart SMS Corp. is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional presence in New York, Europe, Mexico, South America, Canada and China. Smart SMS Corp. is a publicly traded company listed on the PINK SHEETS, trading under the symbol SRSM.PK.

PA Wireless, Inc.

PA Wireless, Inc., is a facilities-based provide of fixed-wireless broadband Internet protocol access services, primarily to businesses in key Pennsylvania markets starting with Harrisburg. The Company's wireless technology eliminates the substantial local-loop charges levied by the incumbent local telephone companies. By replacing the wired local-loop with a two-way wireless connection, the Company is able to offer similar bandwidth at prices averaging 40% lower than comparable service offered by either the local telco or cableco. More over, the Company is primarily targeting small and medium sized markets that lack the built-in wired or fiber infrastructures that would otherwise be necessary for equivalent broadband service.

Palm Beach Productions

Palm Beach Productions (PBP) - Based on the conventional game of bingo, PBP's Bingo Las Vegas(tm) uses the broad reach of television to attract an entire nation of players. The concept represents a new dynamic, a combination of conventional game shows and casino-style Bingo games. It also brings the power of the Internet into play by enabling at-home players to go to our website and download Bingo cards quickly and easily for free. The television calling of Bingo games will allow viewers the enjoyment of playing Bingo in their own homes. More importantly, it will provide the opportunity to win real prizes - from cash to merchandise with absolutely no charge, entry fee or buy-in. PBP anticipates venue set and production started in spring of 2002.


PhaseNet Corporation ("PhaseNet" or the "Company") mission is to become a leading provider of wireless communication and broadband Internet connectivity, using a demonstrated high altitude aircraft relay wireless voice and data communication systems. The PhaseNet airborne communication system ("PACS") will provide an alternative and or complementary communication platform to existing satellite, fixed, wire, and fixed wireless modes, to areas of the world where existing technology platforms are either under served or unable to provide service. PhaseNet's core management team is a compelling cross-blend of talented individual experts in their respective disciplines including marketing, public relations, technology, finance and banking, legal and intellectual property and operations. Members of the team, such as Pierre Salinger (President Kennedy's former press secretary and former Vice-Chairman of Burson-Marsteller) are of world class renown and have extensive experience working in the telecommunications arena on many levels. The teams' valuable contacts will help speed time to market.

Stirling Energy Systems Inc.

Stirling Energy Systems (SES) is an electrical power equipment and systems integration company that is commercializing renewable energy technology products. SES holds the patents, tooling, and equipment rights to the point-focus solar dish concentrator initially engineered and built by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). The solar concentrator was optimized to operate with a Stirling-cycle engine developed in Sweden in cooperation with Volvo and Ford. The SES/Boeing "Dish Stirling" system has held the world's efficiency record for converting solar energy into grid quality electricity since 1984. In addition, the SES Stirling system can alternatively utilize natural gas, chemical fuels, or renewable biomass to produce grid-quality electrical power in non-solar applications. The SES technologies are applicable to individual homes, businesses of all types and sizes, and grid-scale utilities. SES is targeting U.S. utilities, foreign countries, remote communities, agricultural applications, off-grid applications and distributed power markets worldwide. The company is currently in discussions with a number of major utilities and groups in several foreign countries regarding power purchase agreement, system sales, and distribution rights. The global demand for new renewable electrical generating technologies is $100 billion per year.

Time Developments Pty. Ltd.

Time Developments Pty. Ltd., is an Australian based company, a multi-disciplinary property, design, development, and project management company. The company's philosophy has developed through a holistic view of property functions and dynamics. The company focuses its operations in the area of life style development, considerations integrate technological sophistication and environmental sustainability. The company has undertaken an examination of the issues facing the property industry which have been identified as; Property's high-fixed costs and low utilisation rates.The need to create solutions which cause less environmental damage. The need to integrate Internet-based communications, business networks and automation. The key to the company's success is its ability to understand the various disciplines of property development, which include, commercial, design, town planning and construction. The company has excellent ability in directing development projects, co-ordinating activities of the project team, and ensuring that profits are maximised while risks are minimised. The company's skills have lead to a strong following and an excellent reputation in the property industry.

Tribune Media Group

The publisher of the 10-year old Las Vegas Tribune. The Tribune is known for its hard-hitting editorial content and its relentless exposure of the corruption that has plagued Las Vegas in recent times. The Tribune is often the first and only source for Las Vegas stories that the other local papers won't touch.

Time'saim is to create buildings and communities with an arrangement of interactive and adaptive elements, which in conjunction with their occupants, create not only a machine for living but also an organism, which enhances the living process. Embracing manufacturing processes as a means of increasing affordability, we envisage the creation of more sustainable building spaces, which will enable greater realisation of capital, human and natural resources. Our objective is to lead globally in the application of innovative philosophies and technologies to the real estate sector, and facilitate delivery of these concepts to wider markets. · To utilise manufacturing techniques, creating high performance real estate products, which will be accessible and affordable, whilst maximising return on investment. To create Internet based solutions over buildings to enable improved communications access to information networks, automation and improved distribution of goods and services. To create and provide intellectual management over communities, so that they become more responsive and supportive of their members.

Veronex Technologies, Inc.

Veronex designs, develops, licenses and supports computer software products for complete enterprise wide management application development and implementation. The Company's I|Nova System is a fully integrated business application development, modernization and migration tool-set for competitive, innovative and flexible business systems solutions. Veronex has entered into a contract to provide an e-commerce system for a consortium of approximately 6,000 banks and their branches in the Asian-Pacific Region. The e-commerce system will handle transactions in multi-languages, in over 30 different currencies and in a geographic area encompassing over ¼ of the globe with over ½ of the world's population, including China, India, Japan, Indonesia, etc. WebChoice, Inc.

WebChoice, Inc.

WebChoice, Inc. has developed a technology that enables all electronic equipment with audio output capabilities to link automatically to, and interact with, any on-line PC in real time. The audio output is called a Zaptone(tm), which will initiate a predetermined response on the PC. (For example, if the audio Zaptone(tm) was inserted in every television commercial for Dell Computers, the browser on the PC will automatically direct the viewers to a special page on the Dell website where viewers can participate in sweepstakes and win Dell Desktop Computers.)

Of the thousands of health and wellness sites available on the Internet today, the only way a person can tell a "quack site" or "poor product" from a legitimate one is to search through them one-by-one. is the solution. is the wellness portal of the Internet helping you find premium health and wellness information, products and services fast.

XO Limited

State-of-Art web-based barter software. XO provides a complete solution for ANY barter exchange wanting to reduce its cash costs and increase its overall productivity. The company also offers a packaged barter exchange solution complete with literature and operation procedures called Ozone. More recently, the company has developed a package for the digital printing industry with full job processing, invoicing, statements, multiple pricing levels, staff management and other features required for the stream-lined running of digital print and copy shops. XO rents all of its applications for a nominal fee and provides attractive incentives for businesses utilizing its systems.

XRAY Media

XRAYMEDIA is transforming the media industry, providing the general business community and industry professionals with a centralized state-of-the-art Media SuperPortal. Our Media SuperPortal is designed for you to access industry related information, services, and media acquisition tools. The Media SuperPortal provides a powerful service to all companies regardless of budget or internal infrastructure, easing the search for advertising opportunities for your respective products or services. XRAYMEDIA coverage providers reach your target audience Locally, Regionally, Nationally, and Internationally. Our Media SuperPortal is challenging the limits of traditional industry standards and beyond by realizing the potential of the Internet.



AlphaFibre LTD. - acquired by Enviroplast

A multi-national world leader-supplier of injection molded automotive components is currently conducting joint development trails with Alpha Fibre' s 'FIBEX' to replace glass-filled plastic for automotive interior parts. Alpha Fibre is also close to finalizing a strategic alliance with a major polymer manufacturer and is negotiating terms with a Canadian syndicate for placement of 21 ½ million dollars of combined debt and equity for the company. "Alpha Fibre's vision of sustainability is to have a positive-net impact on the environment and to provide plastics manufacturers with superior, cost effective, recyclable composites while generating wealth for employees, shareholders, and our strategic partners," states Deborah C.Smith, president and founder.

Affiliated Financial Professionals - rolled up into Springboard Capital Corporation

Affiliated Financial Professionals is an affiliate group of Private Money Managers, Investment Advisors, Tax and Estate planning Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Stock Brokers, and Analysts. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals - including expertise in law, accounting, finance and economics - provides the most effective management of our clients' valuable assets. Our firm was founded with the philosophy that in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness and efficiency with a client's investment it is necessary to consider all of the factors that ultimately effect a clients return on an investment. Our team of professionals works together for our clients to determine how a portfolio should be structured and managed taking into account all pertinent factors. AFP's team of professionals is registered with the appropriate regulatory agencies governing each individuals field of practice. Affiliated Financial Professionals manages millions of dollars in client assets for hundreds of individuals, firms, and families.

EduActive, Inc. - rolled into Pan Pacific Partners

A Catalyst House Joint Venture, an incubator of large number of seed stage companies including EduActive, a holding company in strategic alliance with a number of network specialized companies including infrastructure, head-end servers, client systems, e-commerce, web-casting, call centers, extranets, intranets, VPN, IP-Telephony, VOD, Web-training, Speech technologies, IVR, gateways, JAVA enabled systems, embedded appliances.

Electronic Media Communications - no longer operating

Electronic Media Communications is an Irvine, California-based Internet and Broadcast Public Relations production and distribution company. The company's Internet Public Relations department produces and distributes Internet Press Releases, Internet Media Tours, Internet Press Kits, Online News Rooms, web casts and CD-ROMS. The Broadcast Public Relations department produces and distributes Video News Releases and B-Roll, Satellite and Radio Media Tours, Electronic Press Kits, Broadcast Press Junkets, Airline In-flight TV News Programs and Corporate Videos.

New Deal, Inc. - no longer operating

New Deal is a software and Internet services company founded to take advantage of the massive opportunity created by regular forced "obsolescence" of tens of millions of computers by the latest versions of Microsoft software. New deal software is the catalyst that will launch used PCs as a viable long-term market. The company provides an alternative software platform, and point-and-click Internet and productivity suites, able to run effectively on ANY PC, from a 286s to Pentiums. The code base represents well over $50 million and hundreds of man years in development. Currently there are tens of millions of "pre-Pentium" (i.e., 286/386/46) computers in warehouses and closets that are fully functional but cannot meet the bloated hardware requirements of the latest Microsoft system and application software. These "legacy" computers represent a huge untapped market niche and the company is entering into a wide range of partnering and licensing agreements both in the U.S. and internationally, with new and used hardware OEMs, online networks, software vendors, and Internet service providers.